About Us

DeckWright Anti-Slip is a brand that is wholly owned and manufactured by WJ Components Ltd (trading as WJ Group); a Hull based company that provides a number of high quality anti-slip decking products for use in both residential and commercial locations. The simple purpose of the brand is to professionally and attractively add grip to timber decking.

First the anti-slip decking service

WJ Group initially created the DeckWright Anti-Slip decking brand in 2012 when it established a highly effective service to anti-slip any specification and profile of grooved deck board at its site in Hull, Yorkshire. Merchants, specifiers, developers and contractors started to use this invaluable service to manufacture very specific requirements of non-slip decking; installed and resold in locations across the UK.

A second DeckWright Anti-Slip service is now available at WJ Group’s second site in Rochester, Kent. This has strengthened the company’s involvement in the non-slip decking market across the south of the country.

Followed by DeckWright Inserts for “retro-fit” demand

As the brand developed, an innovative new product was created to cater for the growing demand from those that already had standard timber decking laid, without any form of anti-slip enhancement. DeckWright Inserts provide an intelligent and long-lasting “retro-fit” solution when the timber deck already exists.

Whether it’s garden decking or a busier commercial location, there is no longer any need to start again when your decking becomes slippery. That risk can be significantly reduced by easily fitting DeckWright Inserts, providing a reassuring grip throughout the year, whatever the weather.

The future looks safer

Never complacent, WJ Group can see further product solutions for the non-slip decking market and so future introductions are highly likely in due course. Brits continue to favour timber decking as a sustainable, attractive and natural outdoor surface, and yet the weather becomes ever more unpredictable every year.

By choosing anti-slip decking, timber decks become safer and more practical, as well as desirable. DeckWright Anti-Slip can help you to achieve the safety reassurance whilst enhancing the natural charm of timber decking.

To see how DeckWright anti-slip inserts have been implemented, view the case studies on deckwright.co.uk